Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scrumulous 3.2

The following changes have been introduced in version 3.2

  • Business Value estimate to stories
  • Business Value earned 'burn-up' graph by sprint
  • Description field on tasks
  • Setting task status to 'done' clears remaining hours
  • Added 'ideal line' to the Release Burn-down graph
  • Usage Analytics and crash reporting
  • UI enhancements and bug fixes

Business Value estimate to stories

There is a new field on stories called the 'Value' field. It works like the 'Size' field, and is intended to capture a poker point style business value estimate. Imagine a meeting of stakeholders all using planning poker to estimate the relative business value of a story.

Business Value earned 'burn-up' graph by sprint

As you complete sprints you can track the business value being earned. The new value points field is used to create a graph of the increasing business value in your product. Only stories in completed status are counted in the calculation.

Description field on tasks

As requested in an iTunes rating, there is now a comments field on tasks. Additional information about the task can be added here. Please Note: App store ratings are a great way to send feedback and help me improve this app.

Setting task status to 'done' clears remaining hours

When you set a task to complete, the remaining hours are now automatically set to 0. A small but handy convenience. If you do this accidentally and wish to get the value back you can navigate back to the task list (essentially cancelling the change).

Added 'ideal line' to the Release Burn-down graph

The ideal line helps highlight variances from the sprint velocity. At the moment, the velocity is calculated as an average of the total points completed per sprint. This is why the burn-down always meets the ideal line at the last sprint. I am looking into adjusting how the velocity is calculated, and adding a field where the calculated velocity can be overridden by a user entered velocity.

Usage Analytics and crash reporting

Analytics have been added in order to help decided where to focus effort and which features are most used. Crash reporting will help make the app more stable and improve the overall user experience. The tracking simply counts screen views and general regional statistics. No personal or private information is tracked.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scrumulous 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 of the Scrumulous iPhone app has been released and is available for sale on the iTunes App Store.

What's New in Version 2.0

  • Updated Look and Feel
  • Scrollable Input Screens
  • Release Burndown Chart
  • Team Velocity Chart
  • Sprint Velocity Calculation
  • Impediment comments
The Backlog and Sprint commitments are managed on the 'Stories' view. Prioritize stories by entering edit mode and dragging to change the order. Stories that are dragged into sprints become part of the sprint commitment. The Release burndown is a new 2.0 feature that allows a Product Owner to track the progress trend from sprint to sprint.
The Story edit view has been redesigned for Version 2.0. The data fields have been moved into a scrollable 'tableview' which expands the amount of screen area. The Estimate view has an enhanced look and feel and can be easily used in a Planning Poker meeting as a virtual card deck.

What's Coming in Version 2.1

  • Scrollable Task Edit Screen
  • Task Notes
  • Auto complete tasks on 0 hours remaining
  • Auto reduce hours to 0 on task completion
  • Auto complete stories on task completion

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome to the Scrumulous Blog


Scrumulous is an iPhone/iPod Touch app for Scrum Product Owners and Scrum Masters. It can be used to manage multiple Product Backlogs. Very effectively used with a Scrum Wall or on the go!


  • Manage multiple Backlogs
  • Manage User Stories within Backlogs
  • Prioritize Stories
  • Specify Stories using the "As a, I want, So that" format
  • Add Acceptance Criteria to Stories
  • Add Point Estimates to Stories
  • Calculate total points per Sprint
  • Calculate total points per Backlog
  • Manage Story work status
  • Organize Stories into Sprints